There are many ways you can support OAWR, some of them are listed below!

Ways To Support OAWR

EBAY Charity

Click to go to EBAY

Make Us Your EBAY Charity

Go to EBAY and choose us as your favorite charity. Ebay will donate a percentage of anything you buy or sell. It's a great way to support your local non profit and doesn't cost you anything. Thanks in advance for your support and helping us save more animal lives.

OAWR Marketplace Group

OAWR Marketplace Group

OAWR Group

The group sells random items that are brand new or in very good condition. We will also have gift certificates and cards. 100% of proceeds from these items go towards the care and rehabilitation of the animals we rescue. You may also donate cash or items to be listed if you choose to do so.


Donate via Facebook App

All donations help any amount is appreciated. When you donate via this facebook app, we don't have to pay any fees, we get every penny you donate! Thank you for supporting OAWR!

We Need ...

We need kennels & cages,
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